Photo courtesy of Emma Krouse Smith.

My home. This is where life happens.  Above is the perfect snapshot of how my paintings come to life.  As a mother of five,  I find myself longing for the experience that the creative process lends.  When feeling weary or depleted from the business of everyday life, I retreat to my brush and canvas.  Painting is my medium for finding spiritual connection.

I have learned by doing.  That is art as I know it.  I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from extremely talented artists and dear friends.  I appreciate that I never know where the painting will take me or how it will evolve.  The beauty of painting is like life in that there is no permanent mistake. There is the grace of starting over, adding layers, and turning the wrong step into something restored and more amazing than before.  My hope is that through my work, joy finds its way from my space to yours.